About Us

Welcome to In The Game Business Networking!

Meet with your newest client at an arena near you.

Give your elevator pitch a rest. And, while you’re at it, tell your standard “pleasure to meet you” email to take tomorrow off as well.

Because we’re getting down to some real connecting here. Strengthening your network while involved in a truly enjoyable, shared experience over the course of an evening is the perfect setting for growing your business. In The Game Business Networking provides exactly that, with upscale pre-game mixers before live professional sporting events; fully catered with food and open bar, plenty of nice extras thrown in, and of course a well-qualified, high-level crowd to network amongst. Then, we head to that night’s game for a VIP experience, complete with excellent seats, access to exclusive lounges and hospitality areas- perfect for further networking -as well as exciting bonus activities such as a shot on goal from the blue line after the Devils game, or a picture on the field behind home plate before the Mets game.

In The Game Business Networking is the perfect opportunity to truly connect with fellow guests because you’re sharing a pleasurable experience and activity. It’s also an ideal way to entertain clients or treat staff to a night out in a cost effective manner that they’ll be totally impressed with. Besides that, In the Game takes the planning out of your hands, so you can simply relax and enjoy a sophisticated event experience without having to worry if you’re making the right impression.

Events are hosted bi-monthly and involve all major sports venues in the NY and NJ area, with most pregame mixers taking place at attractive nearby locations such as a restaurant or hotel. Come to events that include the Devils, Mets, Nets, Red Bulls, Knicks, Yankees, and US Open, just to name a few. The idea is to not only help you build and maintain your network, but to also become acquainted with all of the amazing entertainment options in our area. Pay per event, or purchase a SEASON TICKET and attend all In The Game events at a discount as well as receive other valuable benefits.

Put a business function on your calendar that you’ll actually want to go to. Get more value from networking and get more value from going to the game! That’s what it means to be In The Game.


Some Things to Note:

  • Number of Attendees– In The Game events typically attract between 50 and 75 guests. Sometimes there’s a limit to the amount of spaces we have, and we often have to fulfill our headcount by a certain deadline. But we’ll normally welcome as many guests as would like to come.
  • Who Qualifies to Attend?– The general rule of thumb is that In The Game events are open to business owners, anyone in the C-Suite, or those with a “P” in their title (Vice President, President, Partner, Principal, etc), or reasonable equivalent. Anyone who RSVP’s for an In The Game event should meet this criteria, but are welcome to invite guests who might not fit that criteria.
  • Kids?– Children have attended In The Game events in the past and are generally welcome. Please inquire by phone or email about any event-specific policies that might affect your decision to bring a child. Also, keep in mind that children might not be allowed at events with strict capacity limits. Common sense will dictate whether a child is welcome to stay at an In The Game event should he or she become disruptive.
  • Attire– You’re coming from work… But you’re going to a game! So, suit? Or jersey? How about a suit over your jersey? Or, maybe a jersey over your suit. Either way, we want you to be comfortable and enjoy yourself, so whatever works for you in that regard is more than fine.
  • Format– Pregame mixers are 2-hours long, mostly informal, and are dedicated to networking. Anyone who comes to an In The Game event should be open to discussing their business and support the overall goal of networking. While at the sporting event, we have access to in-venue lounges and hospitality areas that are conducive to further networking. Make sure to bring your business cards!  Make sure to HAVE FUN!
  • Liabilities– Alcohol is provided at In The Game events. You’re responsible for your own behavior and safety, and the safety of others when it comes to alcohol consumption; as well as with any risks inherent to attending each live sporting event. Certain pre or post game activities, such as those that involve entering the playing surface, may require a signed waiver.

Questions regarding any of the above? Please email [email protected] or call 718-676-0504 for more information.